Guest Services

Every Guest, Every Time

Here at The Q, we make the DIFF by “WOW-ing” every guest, every fan, every business associate, every client – EVERYONE – who walks through our doors. It’s the friendly faces and warm welcomes to make you feel right at home. It’s making sure you can kick back and enjoy the show, from tip-off until the final encore. It’s service excellence, the kind that goes above and beyond your expectations, that we pride ourselves on at Quicken Loans Arena.

On behalf of our entire Guest Services team, we look forward to seeing you soon at The Q!

Guest Service Representatives

Quicken Loans Arena’s Guest Services Representatives (GSRs) are dedicated to providing excellent service that comes with a warm welcome and friendly smile each time you visit. Our GSRs can be identified by their bright colored jackets or shirts, their helpful attitudes and their knowledge about how to make your visit to Quicken Loans Arena the very best it can be.

Guest Services Booths

For your convenience, there are two Guest Services Booths in The Q, one located behind Section 100 on the Main Concourse (Level 3) and the other behind Section 200 on the Upper Concourse (Level 5). Staffed for every event, Guest Services Representatives can answer questions, give you helpful information and provide special services.

Elevated Experiences

"I'm writing to inform you that during a recent event my family received excellent guest service. During the 12-30-15 8pm TSO concert, my daughter, Samantha, suffered from an asthma attack. We walked out to the restroom thinking she just needed to catch her breath, but she quickly became worse. In the restroom, an attendant stayed with her while I ran out to get help. In a matter of moments, we suddenly had help at our side. I didn't even know that you had available such a resource. She received a breathing treatment from the Cleveland Clinic squad that happened to be stationed a few doors down from us. I cannot begin to tell you how very grateful that I am to all involved. You most certainly saved us from something that could have turned very bad in a very short time. I cannot remember the names of all who helped...especially the lady in the restroom who helped keep Samantha calm and stayed with her while I left to get help. Everything was moving so fast and I was also in a panic. Wendell walked us all the way to the car pushing Samantha in a wheelchair and Cindy helped get us out without a hitch. I have worked in a hospital for nearly 30 years and am often on the side of giving not needing help. I feel that everything happened just as it should have...seamless care. Everyone showed concern and compassion and you need to let everyone know what a great job they did. We are truly grateful for all they did. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the awesome customer service and Go Cavs!!!"

"My daughter, grandson, and I came to see Disney Live. My grandson has anxiety and we were having trouble getting across the bridge and then trying to get him to his seat. Your staff could not have been more kind or helpful. They were all wonderful and being empathetic to the situation. The gentleman doing the seating suggested to my daughter to try and take the elevator down one floor and then try walking up to the seats instead of walking down which worked! He then came over and said his supervisor was going to come over and talk with us. He came over and informed us that there was a bag we could get from the Guest Services Booth that had headphones and a couple of toys in it to maybe help him. He walked me to the Guest Services Booth and the woman behind the counter could not have been kinder. Also, I took the bag to my grandson and he used the head phones for half of the show which really helped him. The supervisor also said they have a quiet room if we needed it at any time. I just want to thank every person that we had contact with for all of their kindness and help to make a wonderful event a good one for my grandson!"

"My wife and I were part of the operations team for the rally at The Q with Dr. David Jeremiah. I'm writing to express to you our sincere thanks for all of your professional help on the day of the rally. You were patient with all of our requests, and made sure all of our needs were met throughout the day and evening. We were both beyond impressed with the professionalism displayed by all of your event workers. They were friendly and kind, and made us all feel more than welcome. The interaction with all of our attendees was outstanding. You are to be commended for all you have done to train such an outstanding group of workers.

"We thoroughly enjoyed our day at The Q, and left with a great appreciation of your staff and Cleveland."

"Wow!!! What a night! We’ve been to 100s of events at The Q, including the Gladiators championship game and Cavs playoff games, but tonight was absolutely amazing to be able to be in person and witness the Monsters bring home the Championship! It was way, way past the kids’ bedtime, but I could not leave! So glad we didn’t! I wanted to let you know that the staff was incredible tonight! Security guard Ken in the administrative offices was extremely helpful and so very kind. And, the nice receptionist Paula was just as great! The quiet room worked perfect to settle my son down to start the game and for me to return to my seats. Definitely what we needed! In addition, the gentleman by name of Aubrey, who was our usher in section 233, was so great and so enthusiastic. Overall… the staff made our experience top notch! Very thankful to you for taking care of every fan! Glads are done at home but, nevertheless, another great “season” for us at The Q. Thank you for making it possible!"

"I happened to look on the Quicken Loans Arena website yesterday so we got the sensory pack from Guests Services when we arrived. Then a security officer approached us as well because my son (he's 5) was having a hard time in the crowded lobby and he escorted us and stayed with us in the quiet room. They even gave my son a small Cavs poster. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my son to wear the headphones or go back to our seats so we left at intermission. But every single employee we interacted with was kind and went out of their way to make sure we had our sensory pack and anything they could do to help. Having services and that amount of kindness shown to us made a stressful situation so much better and will encourage us to try again; especially knowing now all that is available! Keep up the great work!"